Coaching For Parents

Coaching For Parents is based on the idea, that with a well-crafted plan, adults can often produce the change they wish to see in a child, by making concerted changes themselves.  Identifying your parenting style and trying some new strategies can have a profound impact on your children. Read how one attendee of my parenting classes describes how Coaching For Parents helped his family by clicking HERE

Many good parents need ideas on how to design that well-crafted plan. I combine my 20 years of experience of working with teens with Love and Logic, the parenting program with a 40 year track record. 

Your parent coaching will be custom designed to meet your parenting goals. 

Parenting the Love and Logic Way™
Building Strong Kids Since 1977!

Love and Logic, America's most practical and entertaining parenting program, is designed to give you practical skills that you can use immediately. 

When our energy is drained by arguing, whining, complaining, or not doing chores, sometimes learning new strategies can make a huge difference. Love and Logic ™ has nearly a 40-year track record with helping parents to: 

  • Raise respectful and responsible kids

  • Allow their children to learn from their mistakes

  • Enjoy the kids more and take the stress out of parenting

  • Get children to contribute and do chores

In addition to teaching many strategies used in Parenting the Love and Logic Way™, I draw on other techniques from many other helping perspectives. 

Classes will be in session for six consecutive Saturdays, from 10 a.m to 11:30 a.m., starting September 14th. For more schedule details click below for Class Schedule for Fall 2019 below. If you would like a private coaching class tailored for individual parents or couples, please contact me for pricing.